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The Texas Office of Border Health, Texas Department of State Health Services has released the report on the Early Prevention of Diabetes & Improved Access to Health Care: The Feasibility of Addressing Healthy Border 2010 Objectives with Community Coalitions in Colonias in South Texas. The report was completed under contract with the Texas Office of Border Health and the study was led by Dr. Ann V. Millard, Associate Professor, South Texas Center, School of Rural Public Health, Texas A&M University System Health Science Center, McAllen, Texas. Assisting Dr. Millard were Ms. Esmeralda Sánchez, B.A., Ms. Bonny Medina, C.C.H.W., and Ms. Ester Carbajal, C.H.W.


This project addressed Healthy Border 2010 objectives in the areas of diabetes and access to health care. Specifically, we examined the feasibility of engaging in early prevention of diabetes through community-based planning to enhance physical activity and/or nutrition in colonias. We also improved access to health care for colonia residents through health education and referrals. These activities link to Healthy Border 2010 areas and objectives and to the Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Obesity in Texas: 2005-2010.

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